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When I start Adobe Reader the App-V package starts fine without any issues. It will take a while before the application responds with the error message.

Within the Windows event log, the following error is logged. \C:\Program Data\Microsoft\App V\Client\VREG\Packages\fc6e9f2f-48d8-4ad9-92a2-7d50ec692c31\SIDS\S-1-5-21-1375947726-2994949748-3919233647-500\a178a63a-cfb1-4dfa-b5c3-7aa03c11967b\REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE.dat’ was corrupted and it has been recovered. According to the error, it seems the registry file of the App-V package is corrupt.

Currently, there is no real solution yet and the only way to avoid this nasty error is to reboot the machine.

I hope Microsoft will follow up with an explanation and a fix.

This is a guest article written by Simon Bond, Senior IT Consultant with Ultima Business Solutions.

Oracle VDI supports application virtualization by providing desktops with access to applications using a shared, read-only App-V cache file.

This is a more efficient use of disk space than each individual desktop downloading and storing the application data in its own local cache.

App-V applications are also sandboxed from each other, so that different versions of the same application can be run under App-V concurrently and so that mutually exclusive applications can co-exist on the same system.

Nevertheless the separation is not a security boundary.