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A recent increase in inquiries about missing or runaway kids has some people asking if there has been an increase in sex trafficking in the St. The Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation says it is unclear if sex trafficking has increased or if there is increased awareness of the problem.“In many cases what we find with younger kids could be family members who are trafficking them, so in that case you wouldn’t have a report of a runaway because they’re trafficked out of their own home,” said Amanda Colegrove with the Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation.

Colegrove said high poverty adds to the problem of young people being trafficked.

Unfortunately, while this is the first time Brown has caught two people in the act, she’s seen signs or sex and drug addiction left in her alley, like condoms and needles.

She took pictures and posted them on Facebook to bring awareness and hopefully change.

Highways that crisscross Missouri make it easy for adults to bring children into the state.

Nationwide, around 85 percent of the victims are female.“We do know for sure that the ease at which traffickers can get in and out of state means we have a lot of pass through trafficking happening as traffickers bring their victims, both boys and girls, from one state to the next,” said Colegrove.

LOUIS – A south city woman describes the moment she discovered two people having public sex in her Carondelet alley and took pictures to post to Facebook, Thursday morning. “Not in my backyard.” Brown says the man and woman were just a few feet away from her garage.

"She was a prostitute and he was paying for her services,” said Brown.

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"They (neighbors) run the johns out of here," Fowler explained, "if they see them, they follow them around the neighborhood, they make sure they cannot find a place to park.

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“I understand why residents are concerned,” said Sarah Martin, Alderwoman for Ward 11. I wouldn't want my kids seeing it however we have really great things going for us in Carondelet and sometimes we focus only on the negative.” For Brown, the whole community must get involved to secure funding and resources at a state level to help the women and men off the streets and hooked on services that can potentially turn their lives around.

She’s currently working with the health department to someday deploy social workers in the area to sign prostitutes up for Medicaid and pull them into rehab and counseling services.