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This month, shooting will start in Poland on Pattinson next project, the sci-fi adventure film “High Life,” the first English-language project directed by Denis. Q: You’ve worked with some terrific filmmakers in recent years, including David Cronenberg, David Michod and now the Safdie brothers. I had worked with some great directors before that, but they tended to go back and forth between personal films and more commercial films.Other Pattinson projects include “Damsel,” a period Western costarring Mia Wasikowska and directed by David and Nathan Zellner (“Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter”), and “The Souvenir,” a two-part romantic mystery from British director Joanna Hogg. With a lot of the later directors, their films are sort of all personal.Hundreds of teenage girls are packed outside Covent Garden’s Royal Opera House for the Baftas, voicing their appreciation for the star of the Twilight films, and it sounds like Beatlemania, Nineties-era Girl Power and the X Factor crowd combined.With the release of “The Lost City of Z” and “Good Time,” 2017 may well be remembered as the year Robert Pattinson officially became a critics’ favorite.

A: I was into movies before I was even remotely into acting. A: Godard’s “Prenom: Carmen” (First Name: Carmen) was a massive one for me in terms of tone and performance. I mean, I like a lot of English-language movies from the ’70s, which everybody likes, but among more recent films, for some reason, a lot of French movies — they’re more operatic. I remember seeing the teaser trailer for “Animal Kingdom” before it was out, and it was just a phenomenal teaser.Picture this, you’re at a club in Rio and just as you’re heading towards the bar, in comes all 5”10 inches of a supermodel with feline eyes, womanly curves, and a tight mini-dress to accentuate it all.Your legs feel like rubber but if your friends found out you let this opportunity go, you’ll lose some serious face. I think those ‘friends’ are interested in more from the beginning, and were only there for you because they wanted something in exchange eventually.He's just come from a bigtime meeting with a director and can't wait to tell us how weird it was. as Cedric Diggory, sort of the haughty blond Iceman to Harry's Maverick—by getting fired from a play in London, where he grew up.Some guy offering him a part, maybe, in a movie so double top secret he couldn't tell Pattinson what it was about. Did we mention that he's had about nineteen cups of coffee He asks the waiter about the soup. He was in Los Angeles, crashing on his agent's couch, looking for an American job. He didn't know about the cult, about the fans who'd followed Edward and Bella, his perpetually imperiled mortal lady friend, from the first book—which turned author Stephenie Meyer, a Mormon stayathome mom from Arizona, into the biggest publishingindustry phenomenon since _Potter'_s J. Rowling—through three increasingly thickasabrick sequels. He didn't know that as soon as the movie adaptation was announced, those He auditioned in Hardwicke's bedroom; Hardwicke videotaped him and Stewart performing one of the movie's big love scenes.The Remember Me actor, meanwhile, is engaged to singer FKA Twigs.